Frequently Asked Questions

Our E-foil comes complete with everything you need to go fly. Board, Foil, propulsion system, battery, battery charger, wireless controller and travel bags.

Some states in the USA do require registration for all watercraft, motorized or not. All our boards come with an authorized Vessel Identification code allowing you to register them. Please contact your states local departments for their requirements.

Yes. Our E-foils are loaded with safety features. We utilize blue tooth technology between the controller and the boards ECS unit that cuts off all power to the board should the controller get 10ft away from the board. There is also a trigger on the controller that when released, also cuts off all power to the board. Lastly, our precision tuned propeller is covered with a housing to prevent contact with the prop. Please use common sense and keep all limbs, finger and toes etc, away from the propeller and foils at all times.

Our E-foil had been beautifully engineered to minimize the amount of maintenance you need to perform. Simply rinse and clean off the unit after every use and store in a dry cool place.

Please refer to our SHIPPING page for details and consider the ROUTE shipping protection plan when checking out.

There is no minimum weight restriction. Depending on your skill set, we recommend a max weight of around 270 lbs.

This is all subject to your skillset, water conditions and willingness. Generally, people with no foiling experience start lifting the foil within a few minutes and will start flying within the 1st 10 minutes. If you have board experience, surf, snow skate, wake etc, you should be zipping around the waterway with ease during your first battery life.

Yes. Please refer to WARRANTY page and consider the additional protection plan. Not only does it extend our manufactures warranty but it provides coverage over some wear and tear! See details under the product page.

From 0% to 100% in about 2.5hrs using standard 110v.

Depending on your weight and skillset, you should be able to fly the efoil easily up to 90 minutes. (Our team has even recorded some longer flights)

Depending on your weight and wing choice you can easily fly up to 20 mph.

The controller has two power bar displays. One for the board and one for the controller. Just like your cell phone you can easily see how much power is left. When your board gets down to a 20% power level it will scale back how much power is available. At 10% it will scale back more and at 5% is will scale back to limp mode where it’s usually not enough to fly, but still propel forward.

Yes, different wings offer different feels. The 1900 is the most stable and offers the most lift at low speeds while the 1600 offers more speed and maneuverability.

Yes. Our E-Foil come with travel bags, but you cannot fly on commercial flights with the battery. If you are heading somewhere via airplane, please ship your battery in advance and let the shipper know it is a Lithium Ion battery.

Absolutely. Avante Innovations carries all parts for complete builds.