About Us

Founded in 2019 by industry veterans and board designers, Avante was formed on the belief that strength is in numbers and collectively with the right team, a product line could be developed that was more accessible to the masses without sacrificing.

All of us at Avante firmly take pride in the products we produce. Quality over quantity are words we live by and design what you want to ride are words we play by. Our desire to ride premium products is shown in the features, finishes, components and materials we use to build our products. Never settle for less, the details matter.

Proudly partnering innovative engineers and leaders in the hydrofoil, cations, electronics and water sports industries. Collaborating together, Avante, Takuma, BB Talkin, ROGUE and LOL foils are successfully bringing the most user friendly, functional and cost effective performance electric hydro foil board to the market. With a team like this , there is no doubt the future holds more innovations that will lead the water-sports world.